Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lost Season 4 Trailer #2

Okay... The last trailer was amazing but this one will go straight to your...heart or whatever you guys have these days. :) Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Trailer (wooohoo!)

After six years that seemed like forever 3D Realms blessed us with a teaster trailer for Duke Nukem Forever, prolly like some kind of X-mas joke-gift, haha! But who knows maybe Duke Nukem Forever will be a blast, but as history has proven games with long waiting periods don`t do well, but that depends now on the developer. Ehh... who cares let`s just watch the trailer.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Stardust... i like

Stardust is something that .. makes your day. I was about to miss this movie and i couldn`t be happier i didn`t, the movie itself is amazing, i guess, in the end there are two types of movies, the ones that rise above your expectations and the ones that are under your expectations, or just somewhere in the middle, Stardust fits perfectly in the first.

However when you make it sound like "Some dude goes after a falling star to win his love`s love (lol)" it does sound kinda cheap and isn`t as much epic as post LoTR fantasy movies require, but this movie is wonderful from dialogue, casting, score, acting and above all, characters, there are a lot of characters (for a two hour movie) and they are very nice, a little predictable but i guess that`s exactly what the movie producers intended, it feels like hearing (or watching a Disney adaptation :P) a classic fairytale only very fresh and as people like it, with lots of CGI, but the use of computer rendered environments and objects (and whatnot) is in no way bad in this movie, everything is tasteful.

As i never do i won`t say much about the story since spoiling even one bit of this movie will damage it, the movie never bores and it`s obviously more in the "box" than you would expect, it`s funny and entertaining i couldn`t say more without spoiling your personal adventure. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Plush Weighted Companion Cubes for sale!

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Never had a doubt about throwing a cube into a furnace? You certainly never played Valve`s masterpiece Portal. YOU are a labrat. YOU are under GladOS`s control, YOU are psichologicaly manipulated to love your cube, some people even throw themselves into the depths of artificial hell to save the little hearted cube... :X :X :X.

However Valve managed to create mass hysteria, the Beatles are old news, the crazyness with real-life companion cubes has been around since Portal came with episode two of Half Life in the Orange BOX. Now, you can own a plush replica for just $29.95 plus shipping. Enjoy.... *dreaming*

Radiohead "In Rainbows"

I will not praise this album as most people do, "In Rainbows" is a great album by British rock band Radiohead, and it`s probably the best album of the year, it`s maybe the kind of thing you like over repeated listening, or in time, but for me it`s a lot above average but not that good, again, it`s my personal opinion because this is my blog, you may agree or disagree.

Wikipedia classifies it under art rock, which is pretty correct, alternative rock is probably no longer correct because the genre started as a general "alternative" classification of rock bands that didn`t fit elsewhere. So far so good, you can`t really compare this album, for me it kinda feels like Coldplay mostly, as for this year there is at least one album in this style, that is Arcade Fire "Neon Bible" which i like more. There are a couple of songs that i enjoy from "In Rainbows" one of them is "Jigsaw falling into place" but if i`m not in the mood for it i just find myself yawning... a lot.

Finally, to sum things up... i like it, but for some reason i like Arcade Fire`s album more because it`s more dynamic and the sound is a little more colourful, i would recommend both, but don`t expect much from the first listening.

Friday, December 14, 2007

LOST Season 4 Trailer

LOST, the greatest television show ever created by the human mind is coming back in February, but we all know that, what you didn`t know is that the official TRAILER is out and in this moment there is only time to say... "Oh My GOD, OMGZ WOOHOO!" but due to professional (?!?) standards I will just say, yay!

Season 4 of LOST coming in February 2008 (i must repeat myself) will be the uber pwnage, or just great either way the trailer is ever so disturbing, imagine, while i was freeze-frame-ing trough the video i`ve seen some disturbing sh*t but i will leave that to your... eyes. Muhahahaha, oh and still, i don`t think LOST will be affected by writer`s strike, either way... i`m happy.

How many five year olds i can take in a fight

Find Out how many can you take with this kick ass online survey. Oh and, be honest.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Simpsons "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind"

Episode 409 of the longest running tv animated sitcom (bla bla) The Simpsons, woohoo!. Coming out (where?Live!) on FOX, teh internetz, trough illegal alien torrents and other gibberish.
The numnut we call Homer is on for another homaventure in this future Simpsons classic. There is a reason Homer Jay Simpson is right next to Homer the ancient Greek author of "Iliad and the Odyssey"and that`s because he is even more popular but proportionally dumber, in this next episode he will wake up in the snow with no memory of the day before, when he goes home he realizes that Marge and the kids are gone, his brain makes a huge effort in the attempt of remembering the day step by step, Good Luck Homer!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The SixtyOne - a music adventure

I came across this new website called the sixtyone with a little help from Digg, the website is a very nice and cool idea, it`s basically a "radio" like is only it has a Digg-like touch to it.
You can [bump] songs for points for example, how does that work? Well, you bump songs that you like and hope that other people will bump them too, and that will get you points, of course, points can come trough other ways like listening to music, daily log-in, referring friends so on and so forth. But if for example you are the first to bump a song that will bring you a lot of points, that is called a discovery.
The main idea of the website from what i get is to connect artists to fans, thus with more points you get more levels, more reputation and maybe some artists will see you and say hi, or at least, that`s what i think, if not, it`s still cool because it beasts
The (relative) downside is that the bands are not very well known, but the site is at the beginning, though i noticed a lot of nice bands on thesixtyone radio, like CSS, The Darkness, Gorillaz and others that popped out but i can`t recall.
You can learn a lot of how the sistem works from the site`s F.A.Q. Also check out my profile and check out some bands i like (i will update it when i can) if you wanna take the "/name" names now is the time because i have a feeling pretty soon it will be full. Points Away!
p.s. This website is new so i support what i like, and i like this one so i dunno, show it to your friends, spread the word and all that.

Prison Break "Boxed In"

Episode nine of season three Will air, as some know, in January after this holiday hiatus, more precisely Monday, January 14 2008.
The last episode left us with a mini-cliffhanger with Michael taken by the Panamanian army out of Sona with Alex returning to Sona instead, as some of us call, the old Switch-a-roo :).
From some synopsis available on the Internet and this promo video i found out that [Spoiler] Michael may get a taste of solitary (whatever that means, perhaps being locked somewhere by himself), T-Bag reserves a spot in the escape (who`s escape? James and Alex? HAHA Fat chance), Bellick`s life turns into an uphill battle (Bellick had it pretty bad since he got there, i`d enjoy seeing more of his sucky life) and last but not least Susan traps Sucre, our Mexican friend with a cameo in Transformers may get it pretty rough all that`s left now to do is fast forward trough X-mas with our universal RCs and see the episode.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Numb3rs "Chinese Box"

In my never ending search of shows that are worth watching now with all the strike and everything and whatnot i came across Numb3rs and it seems it`s very appreciated.
The show features FBI agent Don Eppes who recruits his brother with amazing mathematical skills (thus numbers) to help him solve the most complex crimes on the streets of Los Angeles.
It may seem a little repetitive, drama, murders, bla bla but the show is actually pretty good.
If you like twists, thrillers and such you should not miss this week`s episode entitled "Chinese Box", the show already reached it`s fourth season, but for the fans here is the official synopsis for the incoming episode: "A former FBI subcontractor guns down an agent inside the agency's headquarters and takes a member of Don's team hostage."

Balls Of Fury

Right, so was it just me or Def Leppard were promoted A LOT in this movie, i like the band but rock and ping-pong ... don`t quite work, anyway the movie is pretty fun and got a few laughs out of me, but what i really wanted to say is that i enjoy good rock music in Hollywood movies, i mean i really like to see movies like Hot Rod (that featured a lot of Europe).
Dan Fogler does a good job as he did in "Good Luck Chuck" though i would`ve cast someone with more weight to play along Christopher Walken but i guess this works, not much plot, everything is linear, a hot Asian martial-arts-ass-kicker, the Mexican version of James Bond and other crazy Chinese-American individuals make this movie a must see for bored people.
As a bonus you will enjoy the cameo of Heroes`s Hiro Nakamura.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Family Guy Sued by complete moron

Yeah, so some total jackass comedian-magician just woke up (desperate for money perhaps) and sued Family Guy for it`s feature-length movie "Stewie Griffin the untold story" because the Jesus portrayed in the movie does a stupid magic act (because his abilities were exaggerated) and this dude, Art Metrano claims it is HIS magic act performed on "the Tonight Show".
If i were spoofed by Family Guy i would`ve been proud, Metrano you are a fucking idiot, you are ugly, you are NOT funny and you can go to hell.
You can see a comparison of his act and the Family Guy scene here.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The AM Project

I recently came across this myspace band page that featured this band called "The AM Project", for the ones of you who saw Napoleon Dynamite i think it would be very interesting to know the vocalist(Tina Majorino) is actually Deb from the movie.
Her imdb bio states that she was in a band called The Am Project, if she still is or not it does not matter, the four songs on myspace are totally worth listening to, the vocals are pretty damn amazing, nice sound, good instrument performing and whatnot, if you don`t believe me, take a look.

Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer #4

I was undecided if i should say something about the new trailers (and new material) coming out for the next installment of the GTA series, i say this because you can`t just release it for next-generation consoles and forget about the PC, rock(star) people`s worlds with one of the best games (GTA3) that actually changed the way people think about games and well, the impact that game had was big.

GTA III was released on PS2, true but the true success came when it was launched on PC almost one year later (i believe) so even though the new trailer rocks, i couldn`t care less because i will never buy a shitty PS3 or xbox360, any way you look at the new next-gen consoles, they are not worth it, the quality is low, the consoles traded one of the things consoles had over PCs: stability, for HD and other things.
So sure, if GTA IV comes to PC, yeah that would be ok, but under the current circumstances, i have to pass.
p.s. Is it just me or the game drags in the trailer?

Friday, December 7, 2007

King of The Hill "The Minh Who Knew Too Much"

Even though I`m not that much into King of The Hill because i think the overall graphics are poor, well, not exactly poor but not my type, other categories of sitcom fans would like it, especially the oldchool Beavis and Butt-Head fans, or at least, so i think.
So if you find yourself desperate for something else now that there are`nt any other animated sitcoms to view, King of the Hill is a good choice being one of the longest running.

"The Souphanousinphone’s formulate a plan to gain entrĂ©e to the Nine Rivers Country Club by having Minh accepted on its skeet shooting team."

Stargate: Atlantis "This Mortal Coil"

Airing tonight, probably the only decent sci-fi show that`s not either affected by the strike or in hiatus. The official synopsis of Atlantis episode "This Mortal Coil": "A strange drone crashes into Atlantis, heralding a dreadful new predicament when Replicator doubles of the Atlantis team offer to help defend the city from the Wraith."

Thursday, December 6, 2007

In Retrospect: Thursday - Full Collapse ...

... and a little history of (modern) post-hardcore, although this is a personal opinion i believe Thursday`s "Full Collapse" album released back in 2001 is the very thing that set off the post-hardcore genre, but because a sort of confusion is around the genre itself, i will call it simply Thursdaycore.
Six years and a half ago things were different i suppose, though i don`t personally know because even if i did i was just a kid, 11 years old, that`s right. So Wikipedia has a bullshit article about post-hardcore, even though they had a nice one, i have no idea where the old one went, the new one says nothing about post-hardcore instead they say some bullcrap about post-hardcore back in the 80s and they list a series of experimental/art rock bands (???)
Now, if you look at any post-hardcore band (that has the Thursday layout and style overall) you will notice they all either launched after 2001 or changed their style after 2001, for example Thrice used to sing metalcore (Wikipedia gets that right at least) but after 2001, guess what? Post-hardcore, same goes for Saosin which is the most Thursday-like of all, again, launched after 2001.

But enough with that, overall "Full Collapse" is a great album, with some of Thursday`s bets songs like "Understanding in a car crash", "Paris in flames", "Cross out the eyes", "A Hole in the World". My favourite is "Understanding in a car crash" because i related to it in some way and it really delivers sort of an message and it plays and plays and you get a picture of a car crash, over and over, like in a movie, the same scene keeps on repeating, it`s a great song and it makes some sense.
Nowadays most post-hardcore is actually back to metalcore, like Drop Dead Gorgeous but who cares? Thursday sounds great and i`m happy with that.

American Dad "Frannie 911"

Looks like Seth MacFarlane`s new Family Guy-like show will reach a total of 50 episodes including the one that will be aired in the upcoming weekend. I`m guessing American Dad is worth watching now that Family Guy is in hiatus (i think) or something related to the writer`s strike.
Looks like in the next episode Stan will have a fight with Roger, the charismatic alien that loves to dress up and Francine comes up with a plan to reunite them (what kind of name is Francine? Sounds like a cookie).

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Top 10 technology wonders that don't exist yet

I was reading this list made by, as the title says, it`s a list of 10 technology wonders that don`t exist yet but have been designed or thought of so to say.

Apart from amazing stuff over there i found my personal favourite, the "Custom Kicks" now you would say these shoes have been "digitalized" in some way, close, but what they would do is change their appearance (you heard me) when and how the user wants, all this via an "remote control" of some sort (yeah looks like an iPod)... if those would be ever made i imagine we would have to pay for extra skins, but wouldn`t it be a blast if we could get pirated and stolen skins? Haha, this is something i need ot live to see.

"Tin Man" Miniseries

I have to say. i`m not even sure what to think about this show, but let me start from the beginning.
"Tin Man" is a new miniseries made by the Sci-Fi channel (and RHI ent.), the series is a re-imagining of "The Wizard of OZ" but with a lot of differences.
Honestly the show is not bad but the frequent cheap cliches made me quit halfway trough, the characters are so typical and don`t fit the description as they should, how is that girl cyber-punk? Either way the show has a big problem from my point of view, the acting is BAD but that would be OK without the constant cliches like "Where am I?" like if you are alone in some fucked up wood you say "Where am I?" come on, that just told me what to expect further into the show. See, if the show was a TV series this miniseries would be OK because usually the show evolves in acting ,writing and such, but this is not the case.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tim Kring talks about Heroes "Generations" Finale

Tim Kring gave an exclusive interview for explaining the sudden season finale of Heroes volume two "Generations" and giving us some clues about the two fallen heroes and the upcoming "Villains" volume, consisting of more than 11 episodes i hope :).

I don`t want to spoil but if you will read the interview it`s the same thing, you should watch the episode before reading it, if you can. The final episode left us with Hiro punishing Adam in a very ironic way and with Nathan`s unsuccessful attempt to expose the Company, Nathan`s fate seems rather dark but with pretty big fan reactions from what i`ve seen on the official forums he might be resurrected next season, after the strike ends.

I invite you to read the full interview and you will get some nice info, also some other stuff to look at while waiting for next season: Official Save Nathan thread, Hiro`s Blog.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Heroes "Powerless" Season Finale

"Due to the writers strike, the production crew re-worked some scenes in the event of this being the Season Finale."

Now hold on, for me the second season still feels fresh and it`s already ending? That`s one more minus the writers on strike get from me, although they have a point and they should be more accredited for their work this is starting to look BAD, with a lot of shows delayed and even modified to seem like a season finale :). I am so mad at this.... thing or whatever it is, which brings me to LOST and other great shows in some trouble but i`ll get to that in another post.

So, it seems "Powerless" will feature the final showdown between Adam and Hiro and other character`s developing storylines, even so it seems so exaggerated and unbelievable that they will end such an intriguing story they have developed with one episode, it just feels like "OK we got kinda bored let`s just show each other what cards we have and get it over with.". We have a lot of unique character situations that they should expand over more episodes but it doesn`t look that way.

I heard a speech Seth MacFarlane did about the whole strike thing and he explained stuff so any idiot could understand but even so i refuse to believe they are in SUCH a bad situation, and so poor they just have to act like kids and fuck up shows like Heroes, heck, let`s all complain, i mean, i`m a fan why don`t i get paid for involuntary show advertising? :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas/Winter Song List

I said to myself i am starting the winter in a proper way, with music that will make me at least melancholic, because Christmas is something we all experience differently and the one that does not feel even a little warm inside on Christmas is a SAD person, but not worse than those who say X-mas is NOT about presents, what are you people? Morons?
You may say that, Chiristmas makes you sad, but even so, it makes you feel, it brings back memories and all that, i`m not a religious person but i must say if world peace could be achieved it would be achieved on a Christmas day.
And now, a list of my favourite rock (with subgenres of course Christmas/winter songs.
- A.F.I - Love Like Winter
- Something Corporate - Forget December
- Home Grown - Christmas Crush (Santa is a girl ok?)
- Sum41 & Tenacious D - things i want (so funny)
- Dashboard Confessional - Only Gift that i need
- Weezer - The Christmas song
- Weezer - Christmas Celebration
and more, i will update this list if i feel like it.